KG Public Schools


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KG Public Schools is made up of two towns: Kremlin and Gildford.  In the past, Kremlin and Gildford were two separate schools and then they both consolidated in the school year of 1971-1972, leaving the high school in Gildford and the elementary in Kremlin. At KG High School, there are sixty-one students, and in the elementary, there are twenty-four. Students come from Havre, Kremlin, Gildford and surrounding  rural areas.   Kremlin is located 18 miles west of Havre, and Gildford is 28.  KG Schools are dedicated to providing the youth of our community with a safe and stable environment in which to learn.  Students attending our schools will develop individuality, integrity, respect, and a strong work ethic. Our graduates will be leaders in their communities who show generosity toward others and a thirst for knowledge.


**Special thanks to Steve Helmbrecht and Helmbrecht Photography for use of the photos.**